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Canned mandarin orange Standard Requirements

Jutai Foods

Canned mandarin orange is one of the most popular canned fruit. Aside from its sweet and sour taste that leaves you craving for more, oranges are rich in vitamin C. Below are 4 major aspects of high-quality canned mandarin orange:

1. Freshness and shape. Uniform shape, little to no added preservation aside from sugar, no serious deformity.

2. White sugar: should meet the requirements of GB 317.1.

3. Food additives: Minimum to no usage of methyl cellulose, carboxymethyl cellulose (GB 1904), citric acid (GB 1987) and hesperidinyl enzyme.

4. Sugar concentration: using a refractometer, ranging from 12%-16% to 14%-18%.

These requirements ensure the taste as well as the quality.