Canned fruits and vegetables into the Swedish market

With the improvement of people's living standards, canned vegetables gradually won the favor of the residents of developed countries. Sweden, as one of the world's developed countries, because of its cold weather conditions can only grow shorter growing potatoes, peas, beans, carrots, cucumber and sugar beet and other vegetable varieties. Therefore, in the Swedish consumer canned vegetables, from the Swedish domestic cultivation and dominated the supply of only a small selection of cucumber and beetroot varieties, other varieties of canned vegetables more dependent on imports.
Canned vegetables to enter the Swedish market, must comply with the relevant provisions of Sweden. After Sweden's accession to the European Union in 1995, the EU rules on labeling of food (including canned vegetables), nutrition information, additives and food quality control apply equally to Sweden. At the same time, in the transitional period, the relevant provisions of the Swedish national still continue to be effective. NFA (National Food Adminis- tration) is responsible for the management of imported food and for the quality of food imported from countries outside the EU. Therefore, before signing the purchase contract, the Swedish food importers are required to ensure that the quality of exporters to meet the requirements of NFA.
According to the regulations, Sweden imported food packaging must meet the requirements of the EU, for retail packaging, must indicate the composition, weight, origin, whether contain additives, coloring agents and foreign substances. Any food package used for retailing in the Swedish market must meet not only the specific requirements of the importer (such as packaging type, size, design pattern and label text, etc.) but also the following: Swedish label; edible term; ; List of ingredients by weight; net weight or net content; name and address of the production or packaging plant.
In addition, Sweden has developed specific standards and regulations for bulk and raw materials imported into the foodservice sector and the food processing industry.
Despite the small number of canned vegetables exported to Sweden, with the implementation of export market diversification strategy, with the development potential of the Swedish vegetable canning market should cause the concern of Chinese enterprises. China's canned vegetable products to enter the Swedish market, one is to improve quality, build brands, relying on good product quality, to eliminate the concerns of the Swedish residents of the quality of canned vegetables; two is to improve credibility, timely delivery to meet the market for canned vegetables Seasonal requirements; Third, continue to expand channels, and importers, agents and canned vegetables processing enterprises extensive contacts, multi-channel expansion of export business of canned vegetables.
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