Canned fruit to buy tips

Bottled fruit canned fruit is processed through a certain processing, into the tin cans, glass jars, or high temperature cooking bags and other containers, sealed high-temperature sterilization, so that food can be isolated from the outside world is no longer microbes Pollution, while the vast majority of microbial death in the tank, eliminating the main cause of food deterioration. So canned fruits without preservatives can also add a longer shelf life. Bottled canned fruit in the production and processing of fruit did not destroy the organizational structure, better preserved the appearance of fruits and nutrients, has been favored by consumers for many years.

Consumers in the purchase and consumption should pay attention to the following points:

First, the concept of packaging, see labels. In this case,

First observe the canned fruit canned packaging is clean and tidy, writing printing is clear, the label is complete and formal. Regular manufacturers of food cans labels complete and clear, should be marked with the name, factory name, site, ingredients table, net content, solid content, the implementation of standard code, quality level, shelf life; found poor bottle printing quality, illegible , Marking the contents of incomplete, not to play the date of production Seal is likely to be counterfeit products, quality is difficult to guarantee. Second, the product should determine whether the shelf life.


Second, check the quality, evaluation senses. In this case,

For glass packaging products, check the contents of the color, state, smell, to observe whether the contents of block-shaped intact, no foreign matter, no turbidity. Good quality of the contents of the original canned food raw materials inherent in natural, fresh color, block shape, the size of the same, complete and loose. Buy fruit canned fruit also depends on the color should not occur browning, sugar clear and transparent, in addition to allowing a very slight pulp debris precipitation, no impurities, no suspended matter, turbidity; odor pure, normal taste, no color ﹑ Odor. Metal cans packaging products, the surface should be clean without spot rust, the bottom and cover slightly concave, weld and bottom curl without injury, sealing the door tight deformation. Do not purchase or eat any metal or metal cans that are rusted or corroded.


Third, anti-"fat to listen," missed listening. In this case,

Obesity is an important external feature of canning. When the canned fruit is microbial contamination, loss of food value, the product will often produce "fat listen" phenomenon, the normal can end of the lid and cover the central part of the flat flat or slightly concave, no leakage. Obesity is the bottom of the tin cans and cover the central part of the metal raised, the reason is the bacteria in the tank breeding, resulting in gas, tank pressure is greater than air pressure. Leakage is the sealing failure, there is leakage of canned. Metal packaging products in the process of transport, by the impact of objects, often wall subsidence phenomenon, the air is easy to enter, resulting in the rancidity of the contents of the deterioration found in the above situation the product can not eat. Check the fat listening, missed listening to the following methods: First, look at the bottom of the can, lid is raised, whether the liquid outflow. Second, the end of the joint with the fingers percussion, cover, crisp sound quality of normal, the sound turbid, hoarse is listening or listening to the fat.


Third, the cans and the end of extrusion, if the liquid overflow or squeeze can not restore the status quo, the note is missed. Glass packaging products, normal products have a certain degree of vacuum, knocking the lid has a crisp sound, if there is no vacuum, the product is more likely to have quality problems.


Fourth, choose the genuine. In this case,

Consumers should try to reputable malls to buy regular enterprises or the main producing areas of products have a certain scale of enterprise products. As far as possible not to buy shopping malls listed price reduction products, such as the purchase must carefully check the production date, shelf life, carefully observe the integrity of the packaging.


Fifth, the amount of food. In this case,

Bottled fruit canned vitamins as a result of heat treatment and storage for a long time and other reasons, there will be a considerable loss, so long-term canned food is not conducive to vitamin C supplements and other vitamin intake. Therefore, children should eat less, the elderly can not eat a lot of long-term. As the fruit canned sugar content is relatively high, so people should not eat a lot of diabetes.


Six is ​​suitable for early consumption. In this case,

Bottled fruit canned food after opening, it is likely to cause a large number of microbial reproduction, causing deterioration of products, loss of food value. Suggested that consumers eat, try to eat once finished, to prevent spoilage, resulting in food poisoning.

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