Canned fruit nutritious value

It is reported that the United States per capita consumption of canned 90 kg, Western Europe about 50 kg, Japan 23 kg, but as the world's largest canned producer, China's annual consumption of canned food is less than 1 kg per capita. In fact, canned food, especially canned fruit, not only nutritious, and easy to carry, easy to save, is the best alternative to fresh fruit.
Canned fruit contains nutrients: vitamin A, vitamin B, calcium, potassium, dietary fiber and so on. Carotene in the process of production of canned food, the structure is stable, the loss is very small. Studies have shown that heating is more conducive to the stability of the carotene structure. Carotene can maintain eye and skin health, improve night blindness, rough skin condition, help the body from free radical damage. Not with vinegar and other acidic substances at the same time taking. In the production of canned food, the loss of vitamin B is less than the amount of loss in the cooking process. Vitamin B can inhibit cholinesterase activity, reduce skin inflammation, prevention of seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, improve skin health effect.
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