Canned fruit is "insulated" food with preservatives

In fact, preservatives are the biggest misunderstanding of canned fruit. Canned can be preserved for a long time without deterioration, thanks to the sealed containers and strict sterilization, and preservatives have nothing to do.

As early as 150 years ago, the French scientist Pasteur found that bacteria, mold and yeast microbes in the food can be a lot of breeding, resulting in food corruption, and boiling food can kill bacteria, then the food into a closed bottle, you can Long time to save, so, canned food came into being.

Now, canned food processing widely used pasteurization, strict sterilization, can be truly sterile In addition, the market common canned packaging: tinplate, glass bottles, all kinds of flexible packaging, etc., are completely sealed packaging , Can make the sterile food in a vacuum state, blocking the outside world into the pollution, to prevent the breeding of bacteria and so on, at room temperature conditions will not deteriorate. Therefore, canned food simply do not need to add preservatives!

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