Canned fruit and vegetable purchase notes

With the improvement of living standards, we travel, tourism continues to increase, food consumption concepts and methods are changing, canned food for its convenience, health, easy storage features, more into our lives. In particular, canned fruit and vegetables, not only to meet the needs of the use of meals, but also people often use a leisure travel food.
Canned fruits and vegetables are fruits, vegetables and other raw materials, processed, exhaust, sealed, heat sterilization, cooling and other processes made of canned food, including glass bottles, metal cans, flexible packaging. According to different processing methods, canned fruit canned fruit canned fruit canned syrup, syrup canned fruit, canned fruit canned fruit, canned fruit juice, the main products are sugar orange, sugar water pineapple, yellow peach canned.
Canned fruits and vegetables is a direct entrance to food, consumers should pay attention to the following points in the purchase and consumption:
First, the purchase, the first observation of the packaging is clean and clean, handwriting printing clear; second look at food labels, should mark the name, site, ingredients table, net content, solid content, standard number, quality level, date and other information.
Second, the glass packaging products can be observed whether the integrity of the content block, soup is clear, the color should be the fruit, the inherent color of vegetables. When you choose metal cans, do not purchase products that have rust on the outer wall or cans of metal cans.
Third, the packaging shape change products do not buy. When the canned fruits and vegetables are microbial contamination, loss of food value, often produce a "fat listen" phenomenon, that is, by observing the product's outer packaging volume increases. Metal packaging products, in the course of transportation, subject to the collision, often wall subsidence phenomenon, easy to enter the air, resulting in rancid deterioration of the contents and found that the above situation can not eat the product.
Fourth, the purchase of canned fruits and vegetables, should distinguish between canned sugar syrup and good cans. Sugar water canned sugar concentration is generally about 15%, more suitable for direct consumption. Syrup canned sugar water concentration is high, more than 65%, only suitable for food processing. Therefore, when consumers buy food labels to see the concentration of sugar content, to distinguish between the purchase.
Fifth, consumers should try to reputable shopping malls to buy regular enterprises or the main producing areas of the main products of a certain scale of production, purchase should carefully check the production date, shelf life, carefully check the integrity of the packaging.
Sixth, canned fruits and vegetables in the water and sugar content is very high, after opening the lid is likely to cause a large number of microbial reproduction, causing the product rancidity, loss of food value, so canned fruits and vegetables should be opened after eating once finished.
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