Canned fruit and fresh products!

Fruit canned fresh, in life in the, most consumers think, animal sex food just slaughter of is fresh, plant sex food just picked of is for fresh, after processing storage of these food on lost has its "fresh", fruit canned may miss market Shang water of fruit, but judge food fresh degrees most authority of credentials is see fruit in the original nutrients of keep degree, any vegetables, and fruit in picked Hou are still in continues to "breathing", some nutrients began constantly reduced, 24 hours within, grape will lost 40% Vitamin c, Orange will lose 30%, peach loses 10%, vegetables and fruitsafter harvest, transport, storage for a long time, then put it to the farmer's market orthe supermarket, even look intact, can not be called fresh. To say fresh only are picked from the trees to eat fruit is the freshest.
Canned fruits are tailored to preserve freshness and nutrition, second only to pick the fruit. The whole process from harvesting of raw materials to processing is very short, usually less than 6 hours, heat a halt to all chemical reactions of fruit and vegetable products, canned and fresh and nutritional components are fixed in that time of just-picked. Can not only save the maximum nutritional value of foods, but also improves the nutritional value of food.
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