Canned food standard points which categories

Canned food is an important part of food standards, and its classification principles and food standards classification principle is basically the same, mainly in accordance with the attributes, levels, nature and content of the different classification. standard

(1) According to the different properties of the standard can be divided into mandatory standards and recommended standards, including mandatory standards for food safety standards, the other for the recommended standard.

(2) in accordance with the standards of different levels, can be divided into national standards, industry standards, local standards and enterprise standards.

(3) in accordance with the different nature of the standard can be divided into technical standards, management standards and work standards.

(4) in accordance with the contents of the standard can be divided into basic standards, product standards, safety limits, testing methods, process control technology and management standards.

The basic standards for canned food mainly include GB / T 10784-2006 "Canned food classification", QB 2683-2005 ((canned food code labeling requirements, QB / T 1006-1990 (Canned Food Inspection Rules, QB / T 3600-1999 ((canned food packaging, marking, transport and storage "and so on.

The standard of canned products includes GB / T 13208-2008 "Canned asparagus", GB / T 13213-2006 "Pork meat canned", GB / T 14151-2006 "Canned mushroom", GB / T 14215-2008 "Canned tomato paste "GB / T 24402-2008" Douchi canned fish, "GB / T 24403-2009" canned tuna "and so on.

Canned food safety standards include GB 11671-2003 "canned fruit and vegetable health standards", GB 7098-2003 "edible fungus canned health standards", GB 13100-2005 "canned meat hygiene standards", GB 14939-2005 "canned fish health Standard ", GB 2762-2005" food pollutant limit)), GB 2760-2011 "food safety standards for the use of food additives," and so on.

Canned food testing methods include GB / T 10786-2006 ( "Canned food inspection methods", GB / T 4789. 26-2003 "Microbiological examination of food hygiene canned food commercial aseptic test" and other general food testing Methods, such as GB 5009. 5-2010 "national food safety standards for the determination of protein in food", GB 5009. 12-2010 "food safety standards for the determination of lead in food."

Canned food process control technology and management standards, including GB / T 20938-2007 ((Canned Food Enterprises Good Manufacturing Practices ", GB 8950-1988 ((canned food factory health norms.

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