Canned food put preservatives is a rumor!

The three-day China International Canned Food Fair opened yesterday at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition site can be a variety of meat products, canned fruit, canned vegetables and canned food and other people make eye-opener. One of the "magic crown" series of canned goods, using traditional or Chinese and Western combination of four different flavors, is to attract a large audience. Many people reflect, why the show there are so many canned food, the market is not much to see?
According to reports, the early development of China's canning industry started early, the beginning of the founding of the original export of the former Soviet Union and Eastern European countries, the early seventies of last century began to export to Western markets, and now exports to the global market, annual exports of more than 3 billion US dollars and 150 countries and regions , As the world's canned food production and export one of the major countries. In 2007 the country's total canned 5.13 million tons, exports 2.78 million tons, eight years quadruple. China's exports of mushrooms, asparagus, bamboo shoots and all kinds of canned fruit strong competitiveness; tomato sauce and other canned products dominate.
As the long-term export of canned food, the formation of domestic demand. At present, the total size of the domestic market is about 20 billion yuan, the domestic per capita consumption is low, the consumer lack of understanding of canned, or even misunderstanding.
Shanghai Merlin and Chairman of the Board Zhou Haiming, told reporters that domestic consumers of canned food there are consumer errors that canned food into the preservatives, in fact, canned food after high temperature sterilization, Vacuum packaging, there is no need to put never put preservatives. Traveling canned food is very convenient to carry, so Europe and the United States canned food consumption is high.
Another expert believes that canned food benefits the three rural farmers, canned fruit, vegetables and livestock products each year more than 10 million tons of raw materials, effectively promote the deep processing of agricultural products and value-added, and promote a few Million farmers get rich. He suggested that the financial turmoil sweeping the world, the export of shrinking export, domestic consumers should eliminate the consumption of canned food errors, the development of domestic market, self-interest Lee Nong Li Guo.
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