Canned food is more nutritious than fresh fruit!

According to the Russian "Medical Forum" news network news, the University of California researchers said that compared with the fresh fruits and vegetables, the correct consumption of canned food can help the body intake of more beneficial substances.
Experts on the market to buy the ingredients of canned food research and found that some canned foods contain beneficial trace elements in fresh fruit and vegetables than the content of more. Researchers say fresh fruit and vegetables are mostly available only in picking when the body can provide a variety of vitamins and minerals, but usually the preservation conditions of these fruits and vegetables can not retain all the nutrients beneficial to health.
Experts explained that the preservation of fruits and vegetables, the biggest problem is that they are usually oxidized, and the destruction of the process of oxidation of the beneficial substances, and inappropriate temperature will make this process more serious, such as rich in vitamin C, fresh fruit If in a warm environment will soon lose its beneficial ingredients. In this regard, canned food, although does not contain fresh fruits and vegetables in the important elements, but its nutrients will not be lost due to oxidation.
Experts stress that while canned foods undergo thermal processing, they do not affect the beneficial ingredients, such as vitamins K, E, A, and D.
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