Canned food containing preservatives is a misunderstanding?

Canned food containing preservatives is a consumer misunderstanding, which is yesterday's news. In recent years, canned food gradually fade out the sight of consumers, in order to restart the domestic canned consumption, China canned industry association will start a series of activities.
"Canned food is out of sight because of the ample supply of food and the rising standard of living," says Liang Zhongkang, president of the China Canned Food Industry Association. "In addition, the misconceptions of not being fresh, nutritious and preservative are shrouded in canned products. Data show that consumers eat only two cans a year on average.
According to the National Food Standardization Technical Committee, introduced the Secretary-General Hao Yu, canned food mainly depends on the long-term preservation of vacuum, sealing and sterilization. After the food is filled into the can, it is exhausted and in a vacuum state, resulting in an anaerobic environment. After the container is completely sealed, it is fully sterilized under high pressure. Therefore, canned food absolutely do not need to add any preservatives, will be able to achieve the purpose of long-term preservation.
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