Canned fish without nutrition?

We all know that fresh fish nutrient-rich, but the fish canned, is not a major reduction in nutrients? Sun Yat-sen Department of Nutrition Professor Jiang Zhuoqin told reporters, in fact, not as people imagine that, "the fish canned, most of the nutrition will not be lost, but because after high temperature and high pressure treatment, the vitamins have been depleted, Mika 3 fatty acids have also been oxidized for a large part of these nutrients is basically no.
    According to experts, fish is rich in nutrients, because of its high protein content, containing b vitamins and calcium, zinc, selenium, iodine and other minerals, and because of its fat is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular Disease and the promotion of intellectual development. However, because the fish is rich in protein and a variety of nutrients, acidity is very low, particularly easy to breed bacteria, so when the canned to 115-121 ℃ high temperature and pressure sterilization. Such a high temperature on the protein is not, but it will cause a large loss of B vitamins. Therefore, canned fish vitamin B1 content can be reduced to about half of fresh fish, in the long-term storage will be further reduced.
    There are experts said that high temperature and high pressure heating fish bones become crisp soft, so that a large number of calcium dissolution. Therefore, the calcium content of canned fish than the fish increased more than 10 times, of which iron, zinc, iodine, selenium and other minerals are not lost. Therefore, eating canned fish for the supplement of minerals has a certain significance. However, if used to do canned fish is subject to lead, mercury and other contaminated deep-sea fish, with the bones become crisp soft, one of the pollutants will be a lot of dissolution, increase the harm to the human body. Salmon, trout, yellow croaker and so on are safer than tuna, shark, sea bass, swordfish, barracuda, marlin, cod and other vulnerable fish.
    "So, after high temperature and high pressure processed canned fish, nutrition such as protein, carbohydrates and minerals are basically not affected, but vitamins and fatty acids have been running out." Jiang Zhuoqin suggested that, in general, consumers still eat Fresh fish is better, but if you really want to pick cans, try to avoid the selection of lunch meat containing nitrite canned, and also pay attention to whether there are pigments, flavors, etc., "eat more on the liver and Kidney is damaged. "
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