Canned fish is 10 times the amount of fresh fish

Nutrient-rich fish, not only because of its high protein content, easy to digest, containing B vitamins and calcium, zinc, selenium, iodine and other minerals, but also because of fat rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, the prevention of cardiovascular Disease and promote mental development useful. However, if the fish made of canned food, its nutritional value will not change?
Fish rich in protein and a variety of nutrients, acid is very low, particularly easy to breed bacteria, so when canned in 115-121 ℃ under high temperature and pressure sterilization. Such a high temperature has little effect on the protein, but it will cause a large number of B vitamins loss. Therefore, the vitamin C content of canned fish can be reduced to about half of fish, in the long-term storage will be further reduced.
However, everything will be beneficial. High temperature and high pressure heating to fish bones become crisp soft, so that a large number of calcium dissolution. Therefore, the calcium content of canned fish than fish increased by 10 times, of which iron, zinc, iodine, selenium and other minerals are not lost. Therefore, eating canned fish for mineral supplement has a certain significance. However, if used to do canned fish is subject to lead, mercury and other deep-sea fish pollution, with the bones become crisp soft, which will be a large number of pollutants dissolved, increase the harm to the human body. Salmon, trout, yellow croaker, etc. are safer than tuna, shark, sea bass, swordfish, barracuda, marlin, cod and other contaminated fish.
According to the different processing methods, canned fish is divided into braised, tomato juice, fresh fried, steamed, smoked, oil, flooding and other categories. In general, the water content of fish is low, and can maintain the proportion of natural fish fatty acids, is the most worthy of choice. With salted fish with seasonings, coupled with cold vegetables, can be made into a delicious salad. The content of salt in tomato products is higher, but the acidity of tomato juice is good for the preservation of B vitamins, and it is also a good choice. The smoked, fresh and braised varieties such as rich flavor, but after frying, the fish Omega 3 series of fatty acids were destroyed, a significant increase in fat content, B vitamins most of the damage, nutritional value is not high ; Fried and smoked in the process may also produce benzopyrene and other toxic carcinogenic substances, so that food safety greatly reduced. Most canned oil cans are not fried and smoked at high temperatures, the safety is higher.
Canned fish shelf life of up to 24 months, many consumers think it is because it contains preservatives. actually not. Canned food is an important class of food processing methods, that is, the raw materials placed in the closed container by the exhaust, with high temperature treatment, killing a variety of microorganisms and bacteria, damage the activity of enzymes to prevent external pollution and oxygen into, thus So that long-term stable food edible state. Therefore, most canned fish are not added preservatives, consumers can rest assured that consumption.
However, when eating canned fish should also pay attention to the best not more than 2 cans per week (each containing 225 grams of fish); which, the best fish and smoked fish do not more than 1 can; pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children try not to eat. Eat canned fish people, usually pay attention to a balanced diet, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and beans, potatoes, improve anti-pollution ability, in order to avoid long-term consumption of large amounts of canned fish may have adverse health effects.
Eat canned fish when the attention of the best not more than two boxes a week.
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