Canned fish calcium is actually ten times the fish

The fish made of canned, although a large number of vitamin loss, but the high temperature and high pressure heating fish bones become crisp soft, so that a large number of calcium dissolution.
Therefore, the calcium content of canned fish than the fish increased more than 10 times, of which iron, zinc, iodine, selenium and other minerals are not lost. Therefore, eating canned fish for the supplement of minerals has a certain significance.
But also to eat canned fish should also pay attention to the best weekly not more than 2 cans (about 225 grams per tank), of which fish and smoked fish is best not more than 1 cans, pregnant women, nurse and children try not to eat. People who love canned fish, usually pay attention to a balanced diet, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and beans, potatoes, improve pollution resistance, in order to avoid long-term consumption of a large number of canned fish on the health may have adverse effects.
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