Canned Food Safe "Just Name"

For a long time, canned food in the minds of consumers there is "not fresh, no nutrition, containing preservatives," the cognitive errors. In fact, canned long-term preservation depends mainly on vacuum, sealing and sterilization, so the canned food absolutely does not need to add any preservatives. At present, China's large-scale canned enterprises basically use the production line, the main process for the mechanized operation. Production workshop and staff have strict hygiene requirements, each process has a strict standard operation, the implementation of international good practice, so canned is safe, health food.
Canned food has always been the basis of China's food industry, the fastest growing one of the industry, since the beginning of the country began to export, products all over the world, once for the country in exchange for foreign exchange made contributions. Made in China canned quality, coupled with cheap raw materials and comparative advantages of the labor force, the product has a strong competitive edge. In addition, because the industry itself to adapt to the international market for quality and safety requirements, in the standard, testing and other aspects of successful docking with the importing countries, canned industry has become China's sound system, stable quality, safe and reliable one of the industry.
In Europe and the United States, canned food was hailed as a set of safety, health and nutrition, flavor and happiness of the three major charm of a food, popular with Western families. But in the country, the situation is very different. Although canned as a luxury by the people of all ages, is the gift of the best quality goods. But with the public living standards, canned food is out of people's attention. At present, the vast majority of canned enterprises are still keen on foreign markets, product positioning and sales on the heavy light, coupled with the vast number of consumers on the cognition of canned food serious deviation, so the development of canned food industry there is still great space.
In fact, canned food has a lot of unknown advantages: the choice of varieties, non-preservative, a longer shelf life, no special requirements for storage conditions, food is very convenient, can help people shorten the time in the kitchen work, Fumes to bring you the trouble to improve people's quality of life and so on. It is believed that as long as the canned food industry can persevere in the promotion of canned food, through the knowledge, popular science propaganda, to eliminate people misunderstood, establish a new image of canned food for the safe food "rectification", it will be able to re-glory, The favor of consumers.
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