Canned Flower History: Which is your favorite?

Everyone loves it - canned peaches
When it comes to canning, you have to mention one of the main - fruit canned; and that canned fruit, most people's first impression is the acclaimed canned peach.
Large pieces of golden yellow flesh crowded to stay in the glass bottle, through the transparent shell, bright colors at a glance, just look at the index finger big move.
Popular in the world - SPAM lunch meat canned
US SPAM's first lunch meat canned began in 1937. The beginning of the market because of low prices, convenience and delicious become the most popular canned consumer goods. World War II to join the soldiers meal, a fighting gap to meet the final reserve of hunger. After World War II, SPAM luncheon canned the whole world. Sales is good, it is said that every second will sell 3 cans!
But it is interesting that the US soldiers on the battlefield of World War II hated this canned. They were in the desert of North Africa, Normandy beach, or tropical jungle in Southeast Asia, three meals a day must have SPAM lunch meat canned, over time, eat spit so far. For them, this lunch canned meat and the enemy's bullet, is the common enemy of American soldiers around the world.
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