What is Canned Food?

  Canned food is to meet the requirements of raw materials by processing, deployment, canning, sealing, sterilization, cooling, or aseptic cans, to meet the requirements of commercial sterility, at room temperature to long-term preservation of food. Canned food technology has two key features: sealing and sterilization.

     However, food that is not packed in sealed containers can be called canned food, such as bottled fermented bean curd, sauces, honey, canned milk powder, Coca-Cola, etc. are not canned food. Canned food with long shelf life, easy to eat, safety and health, nutrition and health characteristics. Canned food invention has been nearly two hundred years of history, its technology is mature, consumer markets around the world. China's canned industry began in the early days of the founding of new China, from the Korean War to the early days of reform and opening up for China's exports, economic construction has made important contributions. At present, China has become the world's major producers and exporters of canned food, canned food is still China's major export processing food.

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