The shelf life of canned peaches

Canned food after high temperature pasteurization, does not contain the normal temperature in which the breeding of pathogenic microorganisms, is completely sterile, this state is called commercial sterile, canned long-term can be preserved without deterioration, Completely thanks to the sealed containers and strict sterilization, and preservatives have nothing to do, so the canned food does not need to add any preservatives to do the truth is very simple: first raw materials fully heated, all the micro-organisms to kill; The container can be fully heated and sterilized; and then the sterile food into the sterile container, hot sealing; finally re-heating sterilization, cooling, container headspace inside the air volume contraction, will produce negative pressure, The bottle is even more open, and the outside of the bacteria can not go. After these processes, the food will naturally not be corrupt, and there is no need to add any preservatives. So the food can maintain long-term freshness, a few years shelf life is no problem.
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